Taylor Barr

Affiliate MGMT. + Digital Marketing.

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"Being skillful and exercising your mastery is what you’re here to do. Doing anything less undermines the whole point of being alive.”
-Stewart Butterfield

Hi, I am Taylor.  I dabble in a lot of different areas (mostly online) but what I put my energy in the most is helping creative, ambitious people & their companies solve really hard problems. 

"Like what?"  you might ask?

My core strengths are within creating systematic yet personal programs & marketing campaigns that generate revenue...but my multipotentialism doesn't hold me to any limits.  

Whether it is working with clients who are specialized consultants (Photographers, Web Developers, or Coaches) bring in more clients, revamp their websites/applications, and get more exposure OR something entirely different -  consulting with Top 5000 Tech. companies on scaling their partner or affiliate programs to 1M+ annually; my ability to build, learn, and grow in various industries and environments is what motivates me to do my best.  


AREAS of Focus.

Find out more information to the right if you are interested in my background, consulting work, or website development and support services. 


Continuous Learning...

I have been known to have a never ending, ticking curiosity on a wide array of interests; from the typical business & marketing articles to long form content on culture, space, economics, and so on.

If I have found it interesting or poignant I most often times list it here as to recommend it to others.

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